Here's one of those sweet stories that might make you cry - in a good way. 68-year-old Stan Beaton lives in West Yorkshire, England.  Sadly, he lost his wife Ruby to cancer 12 years ago.  And since then, he's saved her outgoing voice message, because it was the only recording he had of her voice.

Apparently he was so worried about losing it, he talked with someone from his cell phone carrier, Virgin Mobile.  And they assured him that as long as HE didn't erase the message, it wasn't going anywhere.  But it turns out that wasn't true.

Recently, Stan either upgraded his phone or his phone plan.  And somehow, the message got ERASED.  Luckily, someone at Virgin Mobile realized how important it was, and got to work.

For three days last month, ten employees did nothing but listen to unlabeled audio clips customers had recently erased, but were still backed up on a hard drive somewhere.

And recently, someone showed up at Stan's house to tell him they FOUND IT.  And there's a video of him breaking down in TEARS when he hears it again.

That is just the sweetest thing ever. It got me to thinking about the stuff on your phone or computer that you could NEVER delete. Do you have something like that, something you'll never delete, no matter what? Is it a picture, a voicemail, or something else? What is it, and why does it matter so much to you? Tell me all about it and we'll talk about your answers on the air while you get points to win prizes!

Un-deletingly yours,

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