We've been talking with Matt LaCasse and the gang from the Boys and Girls Clubs of West Central Missouri every week now for a while, reminding you about the upcoming Evening of Heart and Hope.  I think it's an important way for us in Sedalia to give back to the ones in our community who need it: our kids. The Boys and Girls Clubs do so much for all ages of kids, and shape them into the capable, intelligent adults we all know they can be.  It's not just after school homework help (although that is a great help), it's also socialization, emotional support and physical enrichment.

The Club needs your help though, to make sure the year is funded and the kids get everything they need without hitting the families financially. So once again, we talked with Matt LaCasse about how you can get tickets, what your money goes to and what you can expect from the upcoming dinner and auction.

Be sure to go to their website or stop by the building at 3100 Aaron Ave. (near the Post Office), or you can call (660) 826-8331 if you want to find out more information. The Evening of Heart and Hope is coming up on Feb. 8, so don't forget to get your tickets today. Come for the Kids...Stay for the Fun...Bid from the Heart!

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