I'm sure that the vast majority of us have been touched at some point by cancer.  I know a lot of my family has lost their fight with the disease.  It's hard to imagine anyone who hasn't known or been related to someone who has dealt with this. My mother had ovarian, lung, and then brain cancer.  I was her caregiver (in the mornings, my father did evenings) for a little over a year or so, and I know it's not easy.  But, not everyone loses this fight - that's why it's worth the struggle.  Let me tell you another story about a guy named Dale Kearney.

Dale has been having on going problems for a couple years that has been passed off as his diabetes. Dale went to have his gallbladder removed October 24th, 2014. When the doctor got in there, they found cancer all over his gallbladder. His colon was almost completely blocked from cancer tumors and they found cancer in his liver, so they was not able to proceed with the surgery.  After further testing, the found  he has colon cancer that has spread putting him at stage 4 cancer.

His second surgery was rescheduled to remove and repair the colon and remove the gallbladder.  After 6 long hours in the operating room,  the doctor was able to do all that he was hoping for. After seeing his oncologist, he then found out that he would be on chemotherapy every two weeks for the rest of his life.  This will be a very long and tiring battle, but with all the great family and friends surrounding him, they're really hoping that things will turn out for the best.

With family, friends, and community, they're hoping to help Dale as much as support and financial aid as possible.  I got to speak with Amanda Balke, one of the organizers of the event, about Dale and the fundraiser.

So make sure you attend on Saturday at the Sedalia Moose Lodge, 119 Winchester Road.  They'll begin festivities at 4:00 p.m. and go until 7:00 p.m.  They've got hoodies, shirts, tumblers, mini photo sessions,  and the benefit chicken dinner with a dessert silent auction and a community donated silent auction. They'll also have an adults only section of the evening with a dance and music from Sweetwater beginning at 7:00 p.m. Find them on Facebook for more information.

Fightingly yours,