Well, we're starting to inch ever closer towards some pretty patriotic holidays.  Of course, Independence Day is a huge one, but what can you do to show your colors throughout the year? 

One way you can celebrate is by joining the Sedalia Kiwanis in their latest project with the Sacred Heart Key Club.  It's called the Avenue of Flags!  Now, I'm sure you're asking yourself, "Behk, now what in the ever-loving sassafras is that?!"  Here, I'll give you the quote from the source.

The Kiwanis Club of Sedalia will place a 3-foot by 5-foot United States flag in front of your home or business on four significant patriotic days annually: Independence Day, Labor Day, 9-11, and Veteran’s Day. Our club will deliver, install and store the flags each year. Each flag is installed into a pre-set sleeve in the ground between the curb and the sidewalk, usually about 2’ inside the curb at a visible location. The receptacle sleeve is ground level so as not to impede walking or lawn care.

It really takes all the work and maintenance out of it. And for me, I know I get worried sometimes about the proper display of the flag, or if I'm following all the rules.  This is another way to take that worry off your plate. And it's not expensive at all. The cost for four holidays in 2023 is $55 for a single flag. Orders of 3 flags at one address location are $150. Orders of 10 flags are $450. They'll bill you for the whole year, but you have to get settled beforehand.  It's a super simple, work free way to celebrate the most patriotic holidays of the year.

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If you wanna get in on this, it's easy. Apply online at this link. Or if you have questions, just email Sedaliakiwanisflags@gmail.com.  But you can also get some details at the big Ribbon Cutting that'll be happening this week!  Check it out!

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