The temperatures have been hot during this last week. I think it's interesting to see how people try to stay cool. I've read about how people have had air conditioning running non-stop, fans circulating as best as possible and ice cold drinks overflowing with ice. However, I came across something the other day that Jack Miller would call something that triggers a Mid-Missouri Memory. I went into the new Casey's General Store on South 65 in Sedalia after coaching the soccer team. I went in to get some Gatorade, and as I walked by the beverage section, I saw something I haven't tasted since I was a kid: frozen cola.

There was a distinct memory that came to mind for me when I saw it. Whenever I would visit my grandmother in Detroit, we'd go to Macomb Mall and at the end of shopping I could pick a treat from the stand. Each time, it was the frozen cola. There is just something about soda in a slurpee form that tastes like nothing else in the world.  It is both ice cold and refreshing.

I decided to give it a whirl and the memory of the taste came surging back to me, especially on the hot day. It was as if I was a kid again as I slurped up the frozen cola. As you would get to the bottom of it, the straw converts to a spoon, so you could scoop up the ice and remaining cola. My wife even said that I seemed like a little kid having the tasty treat.

I did not get the brain freeze that I used to get when having this, but it was nice for the few minutes I tasted it to have the memory come surging back. While I don't think I'll get the frozen cola every time I go into the store, it was nice to smile and think of those good wholesome memories and of course cool off in the process.

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