We are getting close to the Tuesday, April 8 municipal election, and I am hoping that you are using this time to brush up on the issues and the candidates appearing on area ballots. This year we will have a new mayor in Sedalia, as well as two new city council members. There is even a race for the State Fair Community College Board of Trustees.

I think it's important to not only go out and vote, but make it an informed decision. Whether it be attending forums, asking proper questions or seeing what others are thinking, it is important to take in and learn.

It continues to amaze me that in this "Land of the Free," we can not seem to get over the hump to get a higher percentage of voters to the polls. I realize that there is a lot of time and attention put into the presidential elections, but remember, it's your local officials and statutes that have the most impact on your daily lives.

Remember you can vote absentee right now, but you need to brush up on the issues and get out to the polls on Tuesday, April 8.