Deputies and Missouri State Highway Patrol Troopers were made aware early Sunday morning of a careless driver in the area of US 65 Highway and State HWY 765.

The vehicle was described as a black Chevrolet Camaro with flames painted on the side. Deputies located the vehicle and checked its speed at 112 MPH in a posted 45 MPH zone.

Deputies and Troopers attempted to stop the vehicle, which then fled at high rates of speed, driving in the center turning lane along Highway 50. After a short pursuit, the vehicle eventually wrecked and became disabled in the area of West 3rd Street near Liberty Park. The Deputies then ordered the driver to exit the vehicle, and he did not comply.

Deputies then removed the driver from the vehicle, and as they did, several Fireball "shooters" fell from his person. The driver remained uncooperative, slurring his words. The driver refused a breathalyzer test and was acting aggressively.

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A search warrant was obtained for his blood, and the driver was transported to the BRHC for a blood draw. Levi G. Bell, 41, of Sedalia, was placed under arrest.

Bell was transported to the Pettis County Jail, where he was placed on a 24-hour hold. Bell was booked in on charges of felony Resisting Arrest by Fleeing (Creating a Substantial Risk), Driving While Intoxicated, and Speeding (In Excess of 26 MPH).

Bell was issued a cash or surety bond of $10,000, which was posted Tuesday morning.

Bell was ordered not to drive a motor vehicle as a condition of his bond.

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