According to a press release from the Sedalia Police Department this morning (July 19), a victim reported their house had been burglarized on July 9, and numerous pieces of antique furniture were taken. During an investigation, it was revealed that the home had been burglarized numerous times. On July 11, an informant reported to the police that they knew where the stolen property was located.

The officer receiving the information and the department’s criminal division gathered the information and located the property in Raytown.  With the cooperation of the Raytown police, the property which reportedly filled a full-sized U-Haul truck, was recovered. The press release states the U-Haul was completely loaded with antique furniture and various antiques determined to have been taken in a series of burglaries from the victim’s house. In addition to the stolen items in the U-Haul truck, detectives also recovered stolen antiques filling a full size van, as well as numerous items inside a residence.

The press release states the person in possession of the stolen property was not entirely responsible for the crime and an investigation on a suspect is underway.