Sometimes you just need an innocent animal moment to get you through your day. If you're in that place, I have something for you. It's a Missouri Golden Retriever that has managed to convince a bunch of tiny ponies to be his friend.

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There's nothing extraordinarily profound about this short but sweet video moment just shared out of Wildwood, Missouri. Here's what the owner said about their dog and his pals:

This is our Golden Retriever who has grown up with our dwarf miniature horses.

This Wildwood, Missouri Golden Retriever is living the good life.

If you've never spent much time with a Golden Retriever, you're missing out. The American Kennel Club describes the breed as "intelligent, friendly and devoted". If you have a Golden Retriever as a friend, you have a friend for life so these small horses chose wisely.

Again, it's nothing profound, but in this twisted world of oftentimes very bad news, sometimes you need a pointless dog and ponies moment and that's exactly what this is.

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