Well, you guys, it's been a long road. But, I can proudly say, at least one project in our Damage It Myself journey is... done!

I kind of don't want to admit how long this took, if I'm being honest. But we started this in March, and I documented the process, so... I can't really hide the truth.

Basically, NJ is a dude who has done construction when he was younger. And he definitely gets what I call the "Dude Urge" every now and then. AND GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER, I'M TALKING ABOUT SOMETHING WHOLESOME. You know, where they just have to fix something or build something or make something. It might be that he sets up a gaming system for your kids, or builds a shelf for the bedroom, or changes your oil for you. You know those kind of guys. Sometimes, they just have that Dude Urge. NJ is definitely one of those dudes, who wants to build things.

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So anyway, we'd only been official for maybe... five months before he started suggesting he wanted to do some renovations to my house. It was something I'd put off for a long time (anything involving money makes me nervous, cos I ain't got any). And we did start in March, and worked weekends for a while, and then.... I let my procrastination get to me.

Basically I drug my feet for a lot of the summer, and so we didn't finish the project very quickly. BUT. Finally, the front room, or the foyer as it's called, is done.

Well, there will always be little things to fix and touch up as time goes on, but.. in GENERAL, it's done. Here's how it went/turned out.

Damage It Myself Progress

So, now that it's done... here are... SOME THINGS I LEARNED.

1.  Use the drop cloth.  Always. 

2.  Go ahead and do the woodwork first.  If you're going to strip it, take off the pieces and strip them in the garage or yard or elsewhere.   If you try to use a heat gun too close to the carpet, you will burn it.

3.  Next time, instead of one room at a time, we're going to do one wall at a time. That way we have room to work and progress will feel faster, keeping me motivated.

4.   It's going to feel very frustrating, but it's suuuuper worth it when it's done.

So, what do you think?  I think it looks pretty good, considering only one of us really knows what we're doing.  And I am super appreciative and thankful to have NJ in my corner to get me off my butt and get this done.  He's the best.   Anyway, now that it's done, he's already itching for the next room, so.... maybe check back with me in the new year about that.  I need a break first!

Actually, maybe more like... spring.  Give me a few months.

Destructively yours,


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