Well, guys, I've never been a person that you'd call "Green Thumbed".  But I'm not really a plant killer, either. My Mom always had a lot of love for houseplants, but it's always been something I'm somewhat apathetic to.  Sure, I have Steve in my office, but I didn't have much at home.

Well, I've planted stuff in years past.  Herbs, veggies, I tried to do wildflowers once.  I put in some daisies that are along the side of the house that do fine, and my Dad planted some tulips that looked nice until a storm or two destroyed 'em.

But I haven't had something I was actively trying to keep alive every day.  Until I got this guy.  And well, I can't apologize to him enough.


He was much bigger, greener, and bushier, but then I left him alone for one weekend. I'll call him Downtown James Brown. Admittedly, it was the weekend of the holiday, and that Monday was the hottest day of the year.  So he just... kind of half burned up.  But I'm trying my darndest to save him.  I decided to give him some company.

And try to keep them alive, too.


So, I picked up The Twins.  So far, they're both doing great.

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Looking at Regular Sized Rudy here (Named because...the flowers are red? And I just love that name on Bob's Burgers), he's doing pretty well.  Although I do worry about him because I got him the same time as I got the one that's, you know, half dead.  How did he survive?  Magic, I guess.


My Dad bought a bunch of flowers to plant in the boxes along the side of the house, and I bought a few plants to go in there, too.  But most of them have already burned out, because they're in direct sunlight for too long.  But I have saved a couple of these, and hope to keep them going.


I think it's got a pretty terrible name, so I'll just call them The Grady Girls.

Anyway, you've seen what I'm growing in my neck of the woods.  What's coming up at yours?  Did you plant something new?  Did you kill something already?  Are the same plants there as last year?  Do you have any tips for me to help out the porch kids?

Plantingly yours,

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