Well, another week of rehab has passed, but this time I experienced a little glitch. On Tuesday I had some discomfort that I hope was just gas, but it did cause some chest pain.

Fortunately I had an appointment with Dr. Azan that afternoon and my electrocardiogram showed up good. The doctor put me on an acid reducer for the next five weeks, and then he will see me again and decide if I need a stress test. As you can imagine I am hoping that will not be needed.

My rehab is going well, and today the level of exercise was raised slightly, making me work harder. My weight refuses to come down, which means I am going to have to try harder to lose.

I appreciate the feedback I am getting from well wishers, and I am glad, as I am sure all of his friends on Facebook are, that Shawn is on the mend and doing well. Keep us in your prayers.