Well, I have had several sessions at the rehab center of Bothwell Hospital, and I am enjoying them, I guess because I feel like I am at last doing something that is good for my health. I will have to admit the exercise has made me a little sore in spots, but I think that is a sign that I really need the activity.

I feel fortunate that we are heading into spring where I will be more motivated to get out of the house and work in the yard or garden. A note here on the snow, which kept me from making it into town for Friday’s session, which was cancelled anyway. I did do some shoveling of snow trying to get out, but if not for the goodness of a great neighbor who brought his Hugh Tractor and cleaned out my driveway, I might still be snowed in.

I hesitate to name the man in case he would not want me to, but since I am not the only one he dug out my neighbors know who he is. Thank you again, you have done my heart good in more ways than one.