The Pettis County Hazmat Team and Lamonte Volunteer Fire Department were summoned to the parking lot of the Casey’s General Store in Lamonte on the evening of Sunday, July 1, where and the area was cordoned off pending investigation of an the unknown chemical that injured two Lamonte police officers.

According to a responding officer, the Lamonte PD and Pettis County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call concerning an unidentified individual who claimed to have been exposed to excessive amounts of radiation in an attempt by the government to suppress information that he possessed.

During the course of a conversation with the subject, the man produced a vial containing a powdery substance. During initial examination of the powder, a small amount was spilled on two officers’ hands and immediately produced a chemical burning effect. The Pettis County Hazmat team and Lamonte Volunteer Fire Department arrived on the scene.

The subject was transported to Bothwell Regional Health Center via APSI Ambulance Service for observation, and the Pettis County Hazmat team retained the vial containing the unknown chemical for analysis. The officers whose hands were burned followed decontamination procedures and showed no visible signs of ill effect as of Monday morning.