Here's news absolutely no one wanted to hear. Following a late week ice storm and wind chill values below zero, west-central Missouri could be in for another round of ice and winter weather this weekend.

"There could be a little bit of improvement as we move into the first half of the weekend, but then we're watching for another storm system that will move into the area on Sunday, Sunday night, and into Monday, with very similar conditions to what we just saw," said Weatherology meteorologist Ray Miller, "perhaps not quite as much ice, but enough to still cause some fairly significant trouble."

According to Miller, the west-central Missouri region saw a quarter to a half-inch of ice during the most recent storm. "A couple of spots in Johnson County, MO picked up over 6/10 of an inch of ice...a pretty significant ice event, and one that we don't see that often. It's pretty rare that we see ice coatings that thick."

Is there any good news in the weekend forecast? Miller says that it shouldn't be quite as cold as it has been. "It doesn't look like it's going to get quite as cold with this system. It has a little bit more air to work with. It's mainly being fueled by warm, moist air from the south, so that's going to limit the potential for temperatures to drop behind this next system the way they did with this past one...not quite as much concern for the wind chill effect with this next one coming through, but those icy conditions are looking like a problem."

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