The thunderous sounds of rumbling motorcycles came rolling into Sedalia at the State Fair's Campgrounds for Labor Day Weekend. There was a lot of fun to be had at the Campgrounds. They had several vendors selling motorcycle products, clothing and some great food. There were live bands playing in the evening for the ending of the days' events.

On Saturday, they had some wild and crazy activities during the Rodeo Games. There was the Key Hole Race, Barrel Race, Water Balloon Toss, Honey I'm Home and the hilarious Bite the Wiener. The winner of Bite the Wiener is now a two-time champ and is a man. I never laughed so hard from that event. The passenger would stand up and try to bite off as much of the wiener they could. They went three times and totaled up the runs. Honey I'm Home was were the men laid on the ground, they had a pair of coveralls laying next to them and their boots. When they heard the phrase, "Honey I'm Home", they had to get dressed quickly, jump through a window, get on their bikes and start them and head for the finish line. I think a few of these men have done this before.

Unfortunately,  a storm came blowing through on early Sunday morning, which caused a lot of damage at the campgrounds. The two main tents were blown down and several bikes were damaged. Several of the bikers and vendors packed up and left for home, but for the ones that stayed, the fun continued.

Once they dried out the State Fair Arena, the Drag Races started around 5:30 p.m. There were a lot of fast action paced runs. They had 750cc's and Under, 751cc to 1200cc's and 1201cc and Open ATV. Then the evening ended with the Full Moon Band playing at The Campgrounds.