This time, our Unsung Hero comes from Benton County.

Meet Millie Prichard.  Millie has been nominated as our Central Bank Unsung Hero for her volunteering and fundraising to help all sorts of causes and people in need.  Millie organizes benefit dinners, auctions, and all sorts of events to help.  Millie is quick to share the credit for her work, though, with her friend Mariah Williams.  Together they fundraised to help kids at Christmas,  Benton County Sheriff Eric Knox, and started up the Benton Blue Community Christmas.

What's that, you ask?  Well, it's a big fundraiser event that they started on Facebook.

We are holding this fundraiser to raise money for all of our Law Enforcement Officers in Benton County!! We want to let them know how important they are to us and that we as a community appreciate them Soooo much!! We will have an auction!! We will have a bake sale!! We will have raffles! We will have an ugly sweater contest!!

In the end, they ended up giving back to both Benton County Police Officers and Sheriff's Deputies with a $550 check to each and every one.

And she's not stopping there.  Of course they're going to have another one this year (she was surprised to see how many businesses were trying to donate to the cause) and she's looking to maybe expand it to add Benton County Dispatchers, as well.  Take a listen to Randy's interview with her to talk about all of it.  And some mushroom hunting.


So there you have it!  Mushrooms, kids, cops, and a community rallying behind a couple ladies that just want to show their appreciation.

So let's keep it going! You can nominate your Unsung Hero here.

Unsungingly yours,


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