My father had a saying growing up; "You could go all over the world and see some amazing things, but take the time to see what's in your backyard too."  I decided to pack up the kids and head to The Peach Tree Farm in Boonville on our way to Columbia.

Peach Tree Farm is located right off Highway 70 as you go east to Columbia,  Take Exit 111 for Highway 179 and 98 and follow the signs to Peach Tree Farm, which is owned by Bruce and Judy Arnett.

I have a soft spot for fruits from the tree and vine, and this sounded like it would be fun.  I really didn't know what to expect as I thought it would be just a place to pick up peaches, but I found there is much more there.  As you drive up, you see that there is a log cabin type general store that is the place to buy the peaches.  Judy Arnett greeted us at the door and was excited to see the kids with me.

The kids went inside to look around and saw not only peaches, but tomatoes, watermelons and gourds. You can even purchase Christmas ornaments in their upstairs area of the store.  Arnett explained to us that that peaches that were boxed up were fresh picked Saturday morning and were ready for sale.

I asked her how the peaches were with the heat and drought. She said they have been given some extra care and that they were much sweeter this year.  Arnett explained that while some of the peach trees were visible around the store, that most of thier orchard was about a mile down the road.

In addition to the peaches and the store, down the hill were goats that you could feed.  We got some feed and had a great time, especially with the baby goats.   As we walked around we also saw some turkeys, chickens, and dogs.

During different seasons of the year, The Peach Tree Farm has different things to see, especially in the fall when they build a strawmaze and even have hayrides.

Arnett also said that she frequently is at the Sedalia Farmer's Market on Tuesdays that are located on the Missouri State Fairgrounds.  All in all a nice place to stop and enjoy the simple life.  Have a nice sweet peach there or take some home to remember the experience.