It's time for another On the Road With Doug. When my wife, Diana, and I first started dating, she made it perfectly clear when I dated her, got engaged to her and married her that there would always be a dachshund in the house. Ever since we've had our home, we have had one, so I'm good there. One year I discovered an event at the Woodlands called the Wiener Dog Races. Unfortunately, the Woodlands closed, but Olde Glory Days in Clinton picked up the event and has been running it for eight years straight. This year's event was sponsored by American Family Insurance. Diana and I ventured to Clinton on Saturday afternoon (June 29) and settled in for the races. We were amazed that the stands were packed on the main side and there appeared to be about 20-30 dogs entered into the event.

The Olde Glory Days Weiner Dog Races started at 2 p.m. and before the event, there was an auction that benefited the Clinton Animal Shelter. Jim Raysik and Dave Lee emceed the event and did a great job with the auctioneer. Perhaps one of the best auction items was a bottle of Dachsaund Riesling Wine. Who would have guessed that was ever made. There were lots of bids all through the pre-race.

Once 2 p.m. came around, Jim Raysik attempted to play the bugle to start the races, but I think that toy bugle may have played it's last note, but he managed to get it out and the crowd laughed and clapped for the attempt.

The dogs entered a chute and were ready to go. My wife and I laugh at what some of the owners do to try and coax the dog down the track. They may have a squeeky toy, ball or some favorite item of the dog. As the dogs got into the chute, they seemed to bark in unison. Some of the dogs figured out a way to squeeze their lanky bodies through the chute and get an unofficial start. Perhaps my favorite times was not necessarily watching the fastest dog go down, but seeing them make a b-line for the fence and just jumping right over it. Not to worry, no dogs were lost as there were two fences up.

There were some pretty good dogs that figured out if they just went straight, they'd do great and win. Some came to a complete halt just before the finish line. There were some photo finishes, but in the end, only one dog was triumphant in the championship heats. Pearl came with a cheering section and encouraging signs and in the end. They she was the winner.

My wife and I enjoyed the time there and saw some great racing. Best of all, we got to see the Clinton Animal Shelter benefit from the event. All the dogs we've had have been adopted and we encourage you that if you make a choice to get a dog, be sure to check out your local animal shelter. Congratulations to the winning dog, Pearl, and congratulations to the Olde Glory Days Committee on their 20th anniversary of Olde Glory Days.