The Blockbuster in Sedalia has officially closed and is now an empty building. A few weeks ago, I asked you what new business would you like to see move into that location. Here are a few of your responses.

Overall the majority of you would like to see some sort of restaurant move into the location. The most popular suggestion was Chipolte, the Mexican grill that serves gourmet burritos and tacos. Another popular suggestion was an Olive Garden. Many of you were emphatic about needing an Italian restaurant in town. The Italian restaurant trend didn't stop there; the third most popular suggestion was a Fazoli's. Some other suggestions were a Chuck E. Cheese's, Buffalo Wild Wings and Hooter's.

While others had there mind locked in on food, some of you want a new retail business to move in. The number one suggestion for a retail business was a Hasting's, an entertainment store that offers books, video games, movies and everything in between. Some of you pointed out the need for an entertainment store ever since 7th Heaven closed.

Another popular suggestion was Target. The building and parking lot are both far too small for it, but a lot of you really want one here. One person actually wrote "Target...I know it's too small, how about out there on 50 HWY by Menard's?" I'm not opposed to that idea. Rounding out the top suggestions for a retail store were Old Navy, Hobby Lobby, and Gordman's.

I also wanted to share some of the unique responses I got. One person wanted to see a dollar movie theater go in, showing classic movies at an affordable price. Another suggestion was an arcade for the kids, with classic arcade games. Lastly, someone suggested an art gallery.

I pass by the old location numerous time on a daily basis. I will be anxiously awaiting some sort of sign to go up and see what new business will move in. Whatever moves into that location, I hope it is something we all can enjoy. Thanks for participating in the survey.

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