The results for Pettis County are in and turnout was pretty impressive for a primary, with 29.66% turnout for the election as of 8:30 pm on Tuesday, August 5th. There could be more ballots coming in with the official certification not scheduled until Friday, due to military ballots awaiting return, according to County Clerk Nick La Strada.
The Republican ticket had the most contested races with U.S. Representative District 4, between Vicky Hartzler and John Webb. Hartzler received 70.08% of the vote to Webb's 29.92%.
Jeff Mittelhauser defeated Stanley Cox for Associate Circuit Judge Division 6, with 59.22% going with Mittelhauser and 40.78% voting for Cox. Mittelhauser will go against Democrat Carmen Smith.
David Dick defeated Pam Carter for the Republican nod for Presiding Commissioner with 62.29% voting for David Dick and 37.71% voting for Pam Carter. David Dick will square off against Democrat Kenneth Schuber.
The Prosecuting Attorney race between Phillip Sawyer, Kim Tanner, Andrew Rehmer and Myron McNeal, saw McNeal leading during the absentee portion of the night, but Phillip Sawyer ended up on top with 35.22%, Tanner received 25.96%, Rehmer received 21.16% and McNeal had 17.66%.
Beverly Dillon won the county auditor position with 54.67% of the vote to Jileen Wingerter's 30.73 and Adam Brooks had 14.6%.
The Democrats had only one contested race for 3rd Ward 3rd precent Committee man, Michael Franklin won with 51.35 % of the votes to Larry Yunt's 48.65%. This one will have to wait until certification on Friday to be official, since it was decided by one vote.
The U.S. Libertarian Party did have a race for U.S. Representative District 4, with Randall Langkraehr winning in Pettis County with 66.67% of the vote to Herschel Young's 33.33% of the vote.
All the Constitution Amendments passed in Pettis County with 66.13% voting for Amendment 1, 76.19% voting for Amendment 5, 51.27% voting for Amendment 7, 54% voting for Amendment 8 and 82.14% voting for Amendment 9.

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