Well, I think all of us are feeling a little bittersweet about the end of the Missouri State Fair. Sure, we probably didn't want to be on the national news for strange reasons, and sure, we probably will enjoy less traffic around town, but with all the great stuff going on there, you know you kind of miss it, too.  So I asked you guys what you thought was your favorite part of the fair this year. 

Most of you tended to agree that the concerts were the best part.  In fact, if you want to get into more detail about that, you can go over to Doug's Poll and tell him which concert was the best.  As for the rest of you, some of your answers were poignant, and some were funny, but all of you had something to say.  So if you want to give your opinion, feel free to join us at my survey and let us know.

Well, for a lot of you, the music was the biggest draw.

My favorite part was going to all the country concerts!!


Meanwhile some of you really enjoyed all the crafts and exhibits.

I enjoyed looking through the buildings at all of the different things


The MSF is also often about family. That was important to several of you.

Watching the little kids faces......


And, now that we're all recovering, I think we at least feel a little bit like this person.

It being over!


So whatever you think about how the Missouri State Fair went down, feel free to let us know what you think was the best part.  To be honest, I'm a little surprised nobody has said their favorite part was the food!  I'm certainly okay with saying my favorite part was going around and smelling about 70,000 different ways to make corn dogs.

Fair-ly Curious,


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