This article is compiled from reports issued by the Pettis County Sheriff's Office.

Thursday morning, Deputies were dispatched to the 28000 block of Hopewell Road in Pettis County for a warrant check. Contact was made with the male suspect inside the residence. The suspect was arrested on an active warrant for his arrest and transported to the Pettis County Jail. Lester Waylon Martin, 36, of Sedalia, was arrested on his warrant on a charge of Driving While Intoxicated (Persistent Offender). The warrant stemmed from an incident in September of 2023. In the early morning hours of September 23rd, Deputies had been patrolling in the area of US 50 Highway and Oak Grove Lane, in Pettis County, when Deputies observed a black 2013 Ram 1500 make a wide left turn from Oak Grove Lane onto eastbound US 50 Highway. As the Ram turned left in the outside left turn lane, Deputies observed it travel onto the right shoulder before returning to the right lane and continuing east on US 50 Highway. Deputies overtook the Ram, activated their emergency lights, and initiated a traffic stop for the violation west of Mitchell Road. The driver did not apply the brakes or acknowledge the emergency lights until the siren was activated. After activating the siren, the driver turned south onto Westwood Avenue and stopped in the Staples parking lot. Deputies contacted the driver and front seat passenger at the open passenger window. During the performance of field sobriety tests, Deputies observed clues Indicative of Impairment. A preliminary breath sample revealed Martin's blood alcohol concentration to be .157% by weight. Martin was arrested on his warrant for Driving While Intoxicated (Persistent Offender), which was a felony because of two prior convictions in 2009 (Benton County) and in 2013 (Pettis County). Martin was booked in on the active warrant at the Pettis County Jail. Bond was set at $3500 cash or surety.

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