This article is compiled from reports issued by the Pettis County Sheriff's Office.


Early Friday morning, Deputies conducted a traffic stop in the area of East 16th Street and South Brown Avenue on a vehicle that was failing to maintain its lane. After an investigation, the driver was determined to be intoxicated. The driver blew into a Breathalyzer, and his results showed his BAC was above 0.08. The driver also had a revoked driving status. As the Deputy attempted to place the driver under arrest, the subject began resisting. Eventually the driver was placed under arrest. Julian Schuker*, 34, of Warrensburg, was arrested for Driving While Suspended and Driving While Intoxicated, as well as Resisting Arrest. As the Deputy was arresting the driver, the passenger of the vehicle exited and began to interfere with the arrest, and refused lawful orders to return to the vehicle. The passenger, Meagen Nusser, 22, of Sedalia, was arrested for a charge of Resisting Arrest.



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Wednesday evening, Deputies responded to the 2900 block of McVey Road for a report of a domestic disturbance in progress. While in route, Dispatch advised there is an active full order of protection on file for the address. The order was issued in August of 2023. The incident began when the suspect wanted to borrow a vehicle, was denied, and then wanted to remove clothes from a dryer. A conflict ensued, with the suspect throwing glass mason jars of salsa off of a shelf, breaking them. Upon arrival, Deputies confirmed the order of protection as valid, with special conditions**. Deputies established probable cause that the suspect was in violation of the conditions of the order. Bryce Avery Hogan, 18, of Sedalia, was arrested on a charge of Violation of a Full Order of Protection. Hogan transported to the Pettis County Jail to be placed on a 24-hour hold. Bond was later set at $1500 cash or surety.


*There is not a listing in Casenet for a case with the name “Julian Schuker”. It is unclear at news time if the name is a typo or if the suspect’s license was revoked in another state.

**The conditions of the Order do not prohibit the Respondent (Hogan) or the Petitioner (Parent) from having contact. The order also does not prohibit the Respondent from being on the premises while the Petitioner is present. The order stipulates that communication between the Respondent and the Petitioner must be respectful and non-threatening, and the Respondent must not threaten to commit violence, molestation, or sexual assault, nor must he stalk, threaten, or harass the Petitioner. Deputies noted in the Probable Cause statement they had seen Hogan disrespect and yell at the Petitioner in their presence, so they felt they had evidence Hogan committed the violation of the order.

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