For high school students in our area, it's getting to be that time of year: Prom time. Prom is usually towards the end of the school year, but there's a lot of preparation, so the earlier you get your date, the better. One local kid here in Sedalia took matters into his own hands!

This morning as I was driving to work, I noticed the Sedalia Pizza Hut sign. It said, "NONI GO TO PROM WITH ME." I asked Blog Boy to take a picture of it on his way in, here's the photo:

Sedalia Pizza Hut

We know so little about this situation. Who is this ambitious Pizza Hut Worker (From here on out referred to as PHW)? What school do they and Noni go to? But we do know a few things just by seeing this sign. This young person is showing initiative! Not only that, but they're willing to take a big risk. They're asking Noni to go to the prom with them, sure. But PHW is also letting the whole town of Sedalia, and anyone who happens to drive through, that you want Noni to go to prom with you. There's a lot of risk that goes with that.What if it embarrasses Noni? What if Noni says no? I certainly hope this grand gesture was met with a positive response.

I remember that I only went to prom my Junior year. It was two weeks before the actual prom time, and I had to struggle to get a dress and all that stuff. This is thoughtful because PHW wants to get their prom date set early, so there won't be a rush to get all the accouterments. And, it's not like our friend PHW is choosing this Noni person randomly, this was obviously planned. PHW probably had to ask permission, and then also get on a ladder or something and put the sign up.

So with all that foresight, all that planning, here's hoping Noni says yes.

If you're Noni, or the PHW who asked, or heck, if you know either of them, let us know what happened!

Prom-ily yours,


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