It's fun to drive around Sedalia and remember what previous businesses used to be in town. Some of us remember them like it was yesterday and others not so much.

This particular building is located at 4th and Osage. Currently it's the national headquarters for ABC Advertising Agency, Inc.

For me it's where I bought my first tool box and electric razor. It 's also where I had my first credit card. What was the business? Montgomery Ward.

I'm not exactly sure when the store opened but I do know when it closed. According to a news story from 1985 in the Los Angeles Times-

The retailer said low sales prompted the decision to close the stores at the end of February. The 10 stores have 845 full-time employees. The Mobil subsidiary, which shut down 300 catalogue stores and eliminated 1,200 jobs earlier this year, said it is considering closing other stores.

The company's founder, Aaron Montgomery Ward, founded Montgomery Ward in 1872.

One of those stores included in the list of to-be closed included the one in Sedalia. It doesn't seem that long ago that the store was open. In fact, there was a time when basically all of your shopping was handled in and around the downtown areas of Sedalia.

As far as memories go for me, moving to Sedalia in 1977, that's the first retailer I remember in that location. After seeing posts on facebook regarding Sedalia downtown businesses, I believe there was a car dealership there at one time, too. Do you remember?

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