As you may or may not know, I'm from the Detroit area. I've never milked a cow in my life. Well, that changed last weekend at the Missouri State Fair, as the good people at the Dairy Barn helped get me "rural-ized." Man, was it a funny experience!

So first of all, I had to put on my official "I milked a cow" cardboard hat. It was pretty sexy. Then I had to lead my cow Tay to get a drink of water. She proceeded to chew on my arm. Obviously we had already developed a close bond. Then I led her to the milking area and got her all hooked up to the milking machine! But not before I got to milk her by hand. The people watching thought I was crazy, and I almost got kicked in the head, but I even got a shot of milk into my mouth, straight from the udder!

It was a totally new experience that I never would have had the chance to try without coming to the Missouri State Fair. Check out all the hilarious pictures below from Kevin Walker. Thanks to everyone at the Dairy Barn for being so helpful. Go visit them and the cows, they're great!


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