Keith Rowland is seeking re-election to the Pettis County Fire Protection District Board of Directors.

Board members serve 6 year terms. During his time on the board, Rowland says some of the highlights have been purchasing newer equipment, such as a 77-foot ladder truck, a new pumper, and personal protection gear for firefighters.

Ryan Skaith
Ryan Skaith

The board oversees and approves several expenditures for the district, with Rowland saying the district was able to purchase newer tanks for firefighters. He noted the newer tanks are carbon fiber instead of steel; holding almost twice the amount of oxygen as the old tanks.

Rowland indicated that board members try to keep insurance rates down for the residents of Pettis County, by purchasing newer equipment. “Due to federal and state regulations, some of the older equipment won’t meet ISO standards,” Rowland said.

Being a tax-based entity, the Pettis County Fire Protection District has to meet ISO standards, with Roland adding, “residents have to be within a certain amount of miles from the station,” for some ISO ratings to apply.

He indicated ISO rating affect the public’s insurance rates and the district strives for high ratings and good equipment, to help keep insurance rates lower.

The Pettis County Fire Protection has an annual operating budget of about $50,000, but Rowland noted there is a surplus that allows for the purchase of newer equipment, saying the board is continually developing plans for the future. The district is allocating money for truck purposes, but that money won’t go into the operating budget. According to Rowland, the money will be earmarked for major purchases that are still a couple of years away.

Rowland said the board tries to be good stewards of money and serve the tax base efficiently.

Keith Rowland will face candidate Michael L. Hawkins in the April 3 election. For more information on the 2018 Sedalia-Pettis County elections, visit

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