You probably remember back a little while ago, I saw a sign on the side of South Limit where a young person asked "Nomi" to go to prom with him. Now another local Sedalian took another chance and raised the stakes with their own romance! 


This is another sign seen on South Limit. Admittedly I got the picture late, and the wind blew off a few letters from the sign, but I think we all still get the gist. This is just as risky as before, but also gives us that answer that we need as spectators.

We know that Bub asked the question, Oola was the questionee, and more importantly, she said yes!  We may not know who Bub and Oola are, but we kind of feel like we do, don't we? It's just another example of how sweet and romantic the people of Sedalia really are.

Apparently we love public displays of affection, sharing their love with everybody! It hopefully warmed your heart as you drove by in these cold winter weeks.

Congratulations to Bub and Oola! Oh, and by the way, we never did find out if Nomi decided to go to prom with our friend Pizza Hut Worker.  Anybody know?  I'll also keep you posted if we get any updates from Bub and Oola.

Marriagely yours,


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