At a closed-door session after the regular meeting Monday night (June 19), the Sedalia City Council unanimously approved the appointment of Deputy Fire Chief Greg Harrell to replace Fire Chief Mike Ditzfeld, upon Ditzfeld's retirement next year

Ditzfeld is not retiring until May 31, 2018, but a press release from the City says the early appointment provides 'departmental continuity' to prepare for the retirement.

Harrell is a lifelong Sedalia resident and has been with the Sedalia Fire Department for almost 38 years. He has been Deputy Fire Chief since 2009. He is a member of the Missouri Association of Fire Chiefs.

When he takes office next year, Harrell will be the 8th career Chief in the 130-year history of the Sedalia Fire Department, according to the press release.

Retiring Chief Mike Ditzfeld, has served as the Sedalia Fire Chief for
over 31 years, longer than any of his predecessors.

The City says that when Ditzfeld was appointed Chief, he was the youngest person to hold that position in the City’s history. He began his career with the city of Sedalia in 1974.

“Greg Harrell’s vast firefighting and administrative experience will be a great asset to the Sedalia Fire Department and City residents," Ditzfeld said. “He is the ideal person to head a department that is recognized statewide for its excellence."

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby
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