With the recent increase of residential fires, the City of Sedalia and the Sedalia Fire Department are reminding area residents not to attempt heating your home or apartment with cooking appliances.

A press release from the Sedalia Fire Department says using a cooking appliance, such as a stove, to heat your home is extremely dangerous and can cause a fire or health issues such as carbon monoxide poisoning.

Leaving an oven door open or the burners turned on for heat may cause a fire or injury to people.

If you are instructed to do so by someone, please contact the City of Sedalia Code Enforcement at 827-3000.

SFD and the City additionally say if you are using space heaters to supplement, or as your primary heat source, please be careful with power & extension cords. Monitor them for overheating, falling over, or other improper operations to avoid a fire or injury.

If you need help or a smoke detector, you are encouraged to call the Sedalia Fire Department at 826-8044.

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