There have been a lot of people that asked questions about the new Smith-Cotton High School stadium being proposed. While many have said that the complex has become outdated and needs upgrades or replacing, some have pointed out that in the process of the Sedalia School District getting the tax levy to build the high school, the athletic complex was cut out of the project in order for the levy to pass after it failed several times. It's their opinion the project shouldn’t be done with any public funds.

Others have pointed out that when the tax levy passed with the 10th, 11th and 12 grades there, there was room for a 9th grade wing. This wing was supposed to be the next expansion to the school, but due to increase in school population, the 9th grade wing project will now be additional classrooms for the 10th grade.

If the Sedalia School Board and Fundraisers are short on the $2 million private donations portion of the project as indicated, should the school be allowed to move ahead with this project, or should they wait until the private donations are in place to vote on moving this project ahead?

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