Shortly after the Sioux City Bandits won the APFL Football Championship over the Council Bluffs Express, the Bandits announced they would spearhead a new league, called the Champions Professional Indoor Football League. As of last week, the league held meetings in Council Bluffs, Iowa to discuss league matters and franchises.

Bob Scott, owner of the Sioux City Bandits said in a press release from the CPIFL

This is a world class, professional league. Everyone in the room walked away knowing this will be a stable league, that will bring significant experience to the table and stress strong league camaraderie amongst the interested owners and staff.

The only team to formally announce they were interested at this time in the CPIFL, other than Sioux City,  was a soon to be Kansas City franchise.

The question remains as to what other teams would be involved and when would they announce.

Last year the APFL started off with eight teams; The Sioux City Bandits, Oklahoma Defenders, Council Bluffs Express, Mid-Missouri Outlaws, Kansas Koyotes, Springfield Wolfpack, Colorado Lightning, and Cheyenne Warriors. The Lightning and Warriors teams did not finish the season in the APFL and the Lightning dropped the season altogether.  Meanwhile, the league took over the Wolfpack, causing a lot of schedule changes. Losing three teams within a season is rough on a league of any level, which is one of the reasons Sioux City wanted to form a new league.

The Mid-Missouri Outlaws finished their season against Sioux City, and at that time they said they were the class of the league. So the question is: what will the Outlaws do this off-season? Thus far there has been a no comment on the future league decision, but the question remains what will happen with the Outlaws should they have to make a choice and move onto this new league.

The Outlaws began their team as an outdoor team in the Central Plains Football league, and for the last three years have played in the APFL. The CPIFL is finalizing  contract negotiations with the tentative commissioner and executive board, with plans to make a formal announcement in the coming days.