At noon, on a windy Friday (Nov. 8), a group of Sedalians, dignitaries and Smith-Cotton High School students gathered around the northwest corner of the future site of the new stadium.

Wade Norton, Principal of Smith-Cotton High School said at the beginning of the ceremony, "The support of the community is the reason why we are here and why a number of you are here. It is a historic day and definitely a historic day for the Sedalia #200 District. It is truly a great day to be a Tiger."

Norton went on to thank many local businesses and local Sedalians for their help in making the vision of the new high school and now the new stadium into a reality. After that, Norton introduced all that were on the stage behind him including, Rob Davis, Stephanie Lafevers, David Wolf, Scott Gardner, Dr. Jeffery Sharp, Mayor Elaine Horn, Kenny Coffelt, Michael Stees and Diane Turley.

Instead of letting the dignitaries turn the first shovel of dirt, they let students of Smith-Cotton High School have the honors. Those students were Zac Volk, Rex Walters, Grant Waters, Aurora Rafael, Jill Vansell, Mariona Ward, Christian Sarabia, Marin Zalpa, Steven Bradbury, Abby Perkins, Nikkolle Warren and Monika Vaughn. These students were involved in student organizations such as the football team, band, girls soccer and JROTC. What a great honor for these young students to help  with bringing forth the future of Smith-Cotton High School.

It is truly a great day here in the State Fair City to see it growing. The future is just ahead and the opportunities will be endless. It will be sad to see the old Jennie Jaynes Stadium go, but the memories of that stadium will only lead to the new memories that will be a part of the new stadium.

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