Fall enrollment at State Fair Community College will begin on Monday, April 3.

Dr. Joe Gilgour, Dean of Student and Academic Support Services at SFCC, says the college has been in contact with several potential students who will soon be graduating from high school. "High school students that are graduating in May are already applying for the fall. We have applications for the fall that we've been receiving since last fall. We're already receiving applications for next spring, even, from these students."

Once students have been accepted at State Fair Community College, they will be assigned a "navigator" that will help them with enrollment. "We're the only school in Missouri that has this program," said Dr. Gilgour. "That navigator is in touch with you almost immediately. It's a personalized guide through your education. This person is assigned to you from the moment your admissions process is complete."

Enrollment for summer classes at State Fair Community College is also still open. "Our full class offering is really available in the summer, as well," said Dr. Gilgour. "Enrollment opened in December, we enroll through the month of June. Pretty much any class you can take in the fall and the spring, you can get in the summer."

Visit State Fair Community College's website for application and enrollment information.

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