On Wednesday, Aug. 25, the Sedalia Police Department's Crime Resolution Unit served two search warrants related to an ongoing investigation involving the distribution of fentanyl in the Sedalia area.

At approximately 2:28 p.m, a search warrant was served at 1217 South Limit Ave., room 125, where a male subject was taken into custody without incident. A search of the motel room revealed capsules containing fentanyl, drug paraphernalia and U.S. currency believed to be the profit of illegal drug sales.

An additional search warrant was served at 1208 South Carr Ave., a residence known to be utilized by the male suspect for drug related activity. Additional items of evidence were located to further indicate the male suspect was involved in the distribution of fentanyl.

Pettis County Jail

At the conclusion of the investigation, Viktor Gergovskyy, 30 years old, was arrested and transported to the Pettis County Jail, where he was placed on a 24-hour hold. The following state charges are being sought for Gergovskyy:

*1st Degree Trafficking a Controlled Substance (Fentanyl)
*Distribution of a Controlled Substance Within A Protected Location (Elementary School)
*Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia

In addition to the arrest and state charges, the residence at 1208 South Carr Ave. was determined to be in violation of Sedalia City Ordinance 36-96, Prohibition Against Maintaining a Nuisance Property.

The residence was posted with notice of the violation, mandating the property owner resolve the violations within 60 days.

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