As you travel down Broadway here in Sedalia, you pass several houses that are lit up bright with Christmas lights and decorations. If you travel a bit further, you will see one house that isn't feeling the Christmas spirit at all, you may go as far as saying that the biggest Scrooge in America happens to live right here in Sedalia.

The front lawn of the Scrooge belongs to Kevin Walker. I asked Kevin why he decided to decorate his lawn with a grim reaper, a black wreath with the words "Bah Humbug" and a tombstone with rest in peace etched on the front, the short answer was he was sick of the commercialism of the holiday. "We allow ourselves to go around blindly as sheep to deepen the pockets of the corporate greed, we allow them to dictate the buying for the holiday long before we should start buying for Christmas" said Kevin. He goes on to say "We start seeing Christmas decorations even before Halloween. We had Pre Black Friday, Black Friday, and then Cyber Monday. We spend hundreds of dollars on items not even made in America, and I am just as guilty. We need to stop and think for a moment what is more important, time with our families or time with the corporate organizations. We need to stand up for ourselves and say enough. I also find it sad that if we can't get something for our children they feel bad because of this very same pressure that is added to them from the same commercials we all watch. I find it more important to be sitting around the table with friends and family. That is the true meaning of Christmas."

Kevin makes a fair point in my opinion, he didn't say that he doesn't like Christmas, he just doesn't like how it is shoved down our throats. You can check out the front lawn as you drive down Broadway. As I was typing this, his phone was ringing with people asking why he has decided to decorate his lawn like this. Another short answer he has provided to the holiday cheerful is a timely classic "Bah Humbug!"


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