I was born and raised here in Sedalia, Missouri. Sure, I went away for college, but I came right back home to help out my folks. And I consider myself a true Sedalian - but are you?If you're a real Sedalian, or at least call it home now, you should definitely have done all of these things. If you haven't, get to it!

1. Have the Guberburger.

Yes, one of the most famous things in our local culture is the delicious, delightful combination of meat, mayo, and peanut butter. The famous Wheel Inn Drive In may be closed, but you can still get a tasty Guberburger at another local institution, Kehde's.

2. Fall on your butt at the Wheel Thing.

I was never a good skater. But, I did attend several lock ins at the Wheel Thing over the years. I fell down many a time out at the old location, and I've watched kids fall over at the new one.

3. See the Thanksgiving Fireworks at the Hotel Bothwell.

The Hotel Bothwell is just a lovely building, full of history. They have a beautiful Christmas Tree every year, and they really kick off the holiday season with their lighting of the building and fireworks.

4. Get a sunburn at Liberty Pool.

Our local pools are so great. I'm so glad the Parks Department does such a great job with them. They can't help me remember the sunscreen, though. I remember as a kid going to Liberty so much that my hair lightened up from a dark blonde to a full platinum blonde. I swear, we went just about every dang day and it was GREAT.

5. Tour The Bothwell Lodge.

You'll see the name Bothwell all over Sedalia. The name is just associated with us, and part of the reason for that is the huge house out on 65 highway. You can't live in Sedalia for longer than a year and not ever have gone out there. I think it's illegal.

6. See a piano duel at the Scott Joplin Festival.

It comes every year, and the traffic is proof of it. But there's just something about sitting on a metal folding chair in a tent, listening to ragtime in 90 degree heat that just says, "This is Sedalia".  It's always fun to see the people who go to such lengths to dress up and look accurate to the period - I can't imagine how heavy those outfits must be.

7. Go through the Conservation Building on the Missouri State Fairgrounds.

It's just one of those buildings we all have to go to every year. I don't know anybody who skips it. Those fish and other creatures just remind you of how many different things live with us in Pettis County!

8. Shop Downtown.

When I was a kid, there was more down there, admittedly, but you'd be surprised at how much the Downtown area has filled out. They're working very hard down there to preserve the old buildings. Wilken's Music was always a staple for me, and the place still has the same charm that it did in 1995.

9.  Hear a reading of "The Polar Express" at the Katy Depot.

Every year, there's something else going on at the Katy Depot. It's really amazing to think that not that long ago, it was abandoned and in huge disrepair. I did a little play with some friends from school in a special event in front of it once in the 90's. It was all boarded up and kind of scary then. Now it's a welcoming reminder of our rich past. And there's just something Sedalia-y about that room full of snotty kids listening to a story at Christmastime.

10. Play Air Hockey at Leisure Park.

Well, Leisure Park is mainly known for their go carts and mini golf, but there are a lot of games inside. I can't count how many trips as a kid ended up at Leisure Park, trying not to get my fingers smashed in air hockey. Most of the time I failed that one.

11. Have a drink at the Bowling Alley.

It's always been there, and it's hopefully going to stay there for a while, in whoever's ownership. There have been many charity bowlathons and leagues, and I am pretty sure if you haven't been out there and had a beer, you're not Sedalian. It's changed a lot, but it's part of us. We've grown and changed a lot, too.

12.  Check out a book at the Sedalia Public Library.

The Carnegie Building is a great example of things you pretty much have to do. If you haven't seen it or been in it, you're missing out. It's just wonderful. And there's something very nostalgic for me about the smell of that library. So many afternoons I spent in High School hanging out in the library and on the stairs. There were a lot of laughs there, occasionally getting in trouble for the noise. And we all know what it's like to be on that second level and look down at the floor.

What do you think? What goes on YOUR Sedalia bucket list?

Bucketly yours,

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