Here's a random snippet from Sedalia's past for Throwback Thursday - Does anyone remember the shoplifter at Kmart in June 2003 who released a bunch of bees in the restroom?

Sedalia made national news headlines in mid-June 2003 when a shoplifter caused quite a buzz at the Kmart store in Sedalia when he released about 100 bees in the restroom.

According to archived reports, the man made off with about $60.00 worth of CDs, perfume, batteries, and scissors.

He had released a swarm of honeybees in the store's restroom, which created a diversion and allowed him to escape.

Store security spotted the man shoplifting that Monday and followed him to the restroom to confront him. When the worker opened the door, about 100 bees buzzed out.

At the time Sedalia Police Cmdr. John Degonia stated, "He probably started yelling 'Bees! Bees!' or whatever the case may be, then created that big diversion, then got out."

Store employees pulled cans of bug spray off store shelves to kill the bees. No one was stung in the process.

What other funny, weird or interesting stories do you remember from days gone by in Sedalia?

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