May 8 is a significant day, although it may not be featured on every single calendar.  It is the anniversary of Victory in Europe Day, or V-E Day. This is the anniversary of the end of hostilities during World War II in Europe, which ceased in 1945. The Sedalia VFW recognized and thanked World War II veterans for their service today (May 8).

Gary Gill of the Sedalia VFW shared a family story that portrayed the readiness of Vets at that time. Gill, like Tom Brokaw, called World War II vets "The Greatest Generation" for standing up for America without hesitation.

World War II Vet Otis Thomas spoke of the significance of VE Day and that victory in Europe meant more focus would be shifted to the war in Japan.

The six World War II vets that attended were George Whitman, Charles Bell, Dick Crawford, Everett Richards, Otis Thomas and Marion Schmidt. All were awarded a VFW Sticker and pendant from the VFW Post 2591 for their service.  They said there was a lot of rejoicing on VE Day where they were stationed at the time, but the focus shifted over to Japan, which did not end until August 14 and 15, 1945.


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