The City of Warrensburg approved the purchase of a used vehicle for animal control on Monday night.

Interim Shelter Manager Joe Hackney noted that the cost of a 2013 Ford Tranist Connect with 36,735 miles on it will be $12,644.

Hackney explained to the Warrensburg City Council that the shelter has been borrowing vehicles from other departments to transport animals for spay and neuter procedures off-site.

City of Warrensburg

The used vehicle will be purchased from GRC of Kansas City, and provides a climate-controlled cargo area for the animals, an easy-to-clean interior and a vehicle that's easy for staff to drive, Hackney said.

Donation funds will be used to make the purchase, and will serve the needs of the shelter for the foreseeable future. Currently, the donations fund has $40,598 and after the purchase, the total in that account will be reduced to $25,682.

The only additional cost to the City of Warrensburg will be to wrap the exterior identifying it as an animal control vehicle, said City Manager Harold Stewart.

The Ford Transit was previously owned by Google Fiber, Hackney noted.

City of Warrensburg


In addition, the City's new street sweeper will be delivered this week, according to Public Works Director Slim Coleman. Training will take place on Thursday.