The Warrensburg City Council updated its medical marijuana ordinance Monday night to comply with the state's recent clarification on 1,000-foot measurements between dispensaries and schools, churches and day cares facilities.

Instead of a straight line, the measuring must be done by legal travel path in order to establish buffer zones between marijuana dispensaries and restricting entities, it was noted.

The final plat for a Cayhill subdivision, located on the north side of Veterans Road, was approved by Council. The plat included lots 188 through 194 and covers 10.4 acres. Planning and Zoning recommended approval, but with seven provisions for seven new single-family lots. This was the fifth phase of the project, according to Community Development Director Barbara Carroll.

A minor plat was approved for Culver's Addition, a subdivision in Warrensburg at 906 and 906-A North Simpson Drive. The plat was approved with seven conditions.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

Warrensburg resident Dr. David Ewing address his concerns to Council about the Holiday Inn Express currently being constructed south of his house. His major complaint was the berm, which was supposed to be 10 feet high originally, he said. Standing water in the area is also an issue. He showed video to Council members and invited them to come out and a look for themselves. The hotel is located on the north side of Highway 50.

Council approved a rehab of Greenridge Estates, comprised of 56 units, for affordable housing for families. According to developer Pete Ramsel, who is interested in the property, between $3.5 and $4 million will be spent to completely remodel the Estates, which is now an “eyesore” and a “real nuisance” according to some. Ramsel asked for tax credits to begin the rehab process and he promised to get rid of bad tenants. The units will receive new walls, plumbing, lighting and roofing, he said.

Ramsel is preparing a tax credit application to the Missouri Housing Development Commission (MHDC) for the Fall 2019 round of funding. Working in partnership with USDA Rural Development he is proposing to rehabilitate the existing housing structures at 602 Spring Ridge Road (Warrensburg Estates) and 619, 625 and 627 W. Clark Street (Spring Ridge I & II.)

If awarded funding by MHDC, HRM Services will take over ownership and management of the site and begin rehabbing the existing building. The rehab will include necessary repairs and maintenance, all new finishes and appliances, and a new air conditioning system.

Council also discussed a possible increase in city sewer rates.

The current rate schedule calls for variable rate increases in FY20 and in FY21. This would conclude the current rate schedule and should help to fully fund depreciation and assist in capital improvement purchases. If the Council wants to move forward with the current rate schedule, a Public Hearing will be advertised on July 9.

Public feedback and discussion regarding the proposed changes will be taken at the hearing tentatively scheduled for the July 22 City Council meeting.

Council approved an economic coalition partnership plan to be able to have one voice speak for the community when it comes to legislative matters.

The Economic Coordinating Board met for two consecutive sessions on Nov. 15 and Dec. 20, 2018 to begin the process of strategic planning with the help of Georgia Stuart-Simmons, facilitator.

Members of the strategic planning process were: Bill Hawley, UCM; Marcy Bryant, WCVB; Tracy Brantner, JCEDC; Drew Lewis, JCEDC; Katie Scully, Main Street; Michelle Hoskins, Main Street; Harold Stewart, City of Warrensburg; Casey Lund, City of Warrensburg; Suzanne Taylor, Chamber of Commerce; Jeremy VanWey, Chamber of Commerce.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

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