The first regular season for the CPIFL has come to an end, and there are four teams that have qualified for the playoffs: The Omaha Beef, Wichita Wild, Sioux City Bandits and Salina Bombers.

The Beef, Wild and Bandits all finished 10-2, while the Bombers were 9-3. Since there was a three way tie, the strength of schedule broke the tie for who hosts games on the Wichita Wild first round. The Salina Bombers will travel to play the Sioux City Bandits at 7:05 p.m. this Saturday (June 15), and the Wichita Wild will travel to play the Omaha Beef at 7:30 p.m. this Saturday.

During the regular season, we asked you who you thought would win the CPIFL Championship.  Here are the results:

  • The Wichita Wild - 33%
  • Omaha Beef - 24%
  • Sioux City Bandits - 16%
  • Salina Bombers - 10%
  • Kansas City Renegades - 5%
  • Bloomington Edge - 3%
  • Lincoln Haymakers - 3%
  • Kansas Koyotes - 2%
  • Mid-Missouri Outlaws - 2%
  • Oklahoma Defenders - 2%

Which team do you think will win the first CPIFL Championship now that the playoffs are here?  Take our poll and give us your predictions for the 2013 CPIFL Champion.