One thing that a lot of people around here take for granted is that there's so much history and culture in our area.  In fact, several families and groups have lived in our area for hundreds of years.  That's something that the Windsor Septemberfest celebrates, while also championing the now and working for the future.

The Septemberfest is a little ways off, but it's one of those events you want to make an early note of so you can plan to attend. They'll have some great crafts, Miss Windsor competition, a 5k run/walk, Miss Windsor Prince/Princess, the Man and Woman of the Year, vendors with food and souvenirs, a carnival and lots more.

Teresa Pennock came by today to give us the lowdown of what's going to be going on this year, and how sponsors or different groups can get involved in everything happening.  It's definitely something to look forward to for yourself and the whole family after the Missouri State Fair!

Here's the interview with all the ins and outs of what's coming up to get you excited for this September, cooler weather aside.

If you want more information you can go to their website, or you can email, but you can call too at 660-351-2995.

Here's to a great Septemberfest this year, Aug. 29 through Sept. 1!

Festily yours,