The Sedalia-Pettis County Emergency Management Agency recently released their severe weather review for 2012.  Although violent and damaging storms did occur, 2012 was a very calm year for Pettis County, with only one Severe Thunderstorm Warning, no more than five Severe Thunderstorm Watches.  Perhaps most notable is the fact that Pettis County was never placed under a Tornado Watch in 2012.

Nationwide statistics showed that 2012 was a year of few tornadoes around the county, with preliminary figures showing 936 reported tornadoes for the year, compared to 1691 reported tornadoes for 2011.  Once the figures are confirmed, it will set a record for the fewest number of tornadoes since record keeping began in the 1950s.

Although there were only 68 reported tornado fatalities (compared to 553 in 2011), The number is still highers than the 45 fatalities reported in 2010, although there were fewer tornadoes in 2012.  The report shows that 22 reported tornadoes resulted in fatalities, compared to 59 in 2011.

Despite drought spreading across the Midwest, bringing record setting temperatures throughout the summer of 2012, Pettis County only experienced a "Moderate Drought," recording only 10.8 inches below normal precipitation.

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