We are only four days into the Missouri State Fair, and while everyone has been enjoying their time, one group of men and women have been working extremely hard to secure fairgoers safety on and off the fairgrounds.

When making your way to the fairgrounds, you are greeted as you are pulling in by the Missouri State Troopers who have been doing a great job getting everyone in and out of the fairgrounds safe and effectively.  Not only are they directing fairgoers onto to the fairgrounds for parking, but I have seen them handle fender benders and answer numerous questions that fairgoers may have.

As you make your way into the fair, you will see plenty of emergency vehicles on duty. I have seen the EMT personnel drive an ambulance through a crowded area while State Troopers are trying to clear a path for them. I couldn't imagine how high the stress level is for them during fair time, but they have been there for injuries, heat related incidents and everything in between.

The Fire Department has been there to assist the EMTs for any other emergency. Let's not forget the Sedalia Police who have been on patrol and have been working around the clock to not only keep the fairgrounds safe, but all of the outside commuters and tourists who are in town for the fair too as they travel around the city of Sedalia.

While you are out on the fairgrounds enjoying everything that the fair offers, as you walk by a Missouri State Trooper, EMT personnel, firefighters or a cop, thank them for all of the hard work that they are doing. Without them, the fair would not run as smoothly as it has year after year.

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