Nick Camirand was named the Sedalia Police Officer of the Year for 2023 Thursday night during the SPD's annual awards ceremony, held at the new First United Methodist Church on Thompson Boulevard.

Camirand, who joined the department in 2018, attended the ceremony and spaghetti dinner with family members.

“I'm honored and humbled,” Officer Camirand remarked afterward. “I love working at the Sedalia Police Department. I work with a lot of amazing officers here that have really taught me a lot. Sedalia's a great community, a great city to work in, and I really enjoy it.”

In addition to being named officer of the year, Ofc. Nicklous Camirand also garnered numerous other awards Thursday night, including a Community Service Ribbon, five Life-Saving Ribbons and a Blue Line Ribbon.

When asked what his future plans are, Ofc. Camirand replied, “Just keep doing what I'm doing. I don't really have anything extraordinary outside that,” he said.

Is it safe to assume that Ofc. Camirand loves his job?

“You got that right,” he replied.

Those receiving Citizen Recognition Letters included Margaret Ward, Nick Anders and Logan Parham.

Those receiving Letters of Appreciation included former officer Zackary Long (4 letters), former detective Brett Twenter (3 letters), former sergeant Kevin Klein (1 letter) and Boone County Sgt. Chris Smith (1 letter).

Those receiving Letters of Commendation included Officers Shania Fox and Matthew Aragon (5 letters each), Cpl. John Fellows (3 letters), Officers Kylee Kliegel and Justin Franken (2 letters), Sgt. Joseph McCullough (2 letters), Officers John Hammond, Alex Stevenson, Terrence Conness, Robert Mitchell, and Nathaniel Slaughter, Detectives Mark Cherry, Travis Ct. Cyr, Davis Mittelhauser and Andrew Pemberton, Sgt. Michael Elwood and K9 Ace (1 letter each).

Those receiving a Search and Entry Ribbon, meaning 20 search warrants completed for their first ribbon, and 10 search warrants for every ribbon thereafter, Sgt. Neva Overstreet and former Det. Brett Twenter (3 ribbons), Det. Mark Cherry, Commander Joshua Howell, former Sgt, Kevin Klein (2 ribbons), Det. Travis St. Cyr, Cpl. Travis Lorenz, Sgt. Aaron Berry, Ofc. John Hammond, Commander David Woolery, Ofc. Eric Resch, Ofc. Justin Franken, Det. Ty Barrett, and Det. Andrew Pemberton (1 ribbon).

Those receiving a Community Service Ribbon included Officers Nicklous Camirand and Arthur DeSalme (1 ribbon).

Those receiving a Police Commendation Ribbon included Det. Kirra Pappert, Det. Andrew Pemberton, Ofc. Matthew Aragon, Sgt. Joseph McCullough (2 ribbons), Ofc. Shania Fox, Ofc. Justin Franken, Ofc. Kylee Kliegel, Det. David Mittelhauser, Ofc. Arthur DeSalme, Sgt. Neva Overstreet, Ofc. Terrence Conness, and Cpl. Bradley Arnold (1 ribbon).

Those receiving a Life Saving Ribbon included Ofc. Nicklous Camirand (5 ribbons), Ofc. Arthur DeSalme (2 ribbons), Sgt. Daniel Benner, Ofc. Kylee Kliegel, Cpl. Travis Lorenz, Ofc. John Hammond, Ofc. Justin Franken, Cpl. John Fellows, Ofc. Robert Mitchell, Ofc. Eric Resch, Ofc. Casey DeVorss, Ofc. Kevin Tylar and Ofc. Kyle Schmitt (1 ribbon).

Those receiving a Blue Line Ribbon included Ofc. Nicklous Camirand and Sgt. Joseph McCullough.

Those receiving a Chief's Award included Ofc. Kyle Schmitt and Sgt. Justin Franken.

And SPD's Officer of the Year is Ofc. Nicklous Camirand.

All awards were earned in 2022.

“Officer Camirand is a solid performer and well-rounded officer. He understands the importance of positive engagement with the community and establishing relationships to build trust,” commented Chief Matt Wirt. “Officer Camirand especially shines with community policing activities. He truly enjoys creating engagement activities like the drone art contest. Officer Camirand IS making a difference in our community.”

Chief Wirt noted that the officer year is chosen based on their overall career performance, nominations, and a specific emphasis on the past year.

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