Over the years, there have been a lot of changes to Sedalia. Some are good, some are bad, some are just the way life goes. Businesses have come and gone and some have been around for ages. I was thinking the other day about how much has changed from when I was a kid in the eighties, and it inspired me to try to remember a few things that used to be in the Thompson Hills Shopping Center.

1.  Aardvark Video.

I seem to remember this being in the section either where the End Zone is today. We would go in and rent a ton of videos, back when VHS tapes were the way to go. I know they had a good kid section, because I picked out quite a few Inspector Gadget tapes.

2.  Consumer's Grocery Store.

It was just a regular grocery store, but it was around town a few times. I foggily remember it being where Woods East is now, and then it moved maybe to the end of the Thompson Hills where the Buckle is now? Maybe? I do know that they were at one point in the building where JC Penney is now. I remember many times being called over the speakers because I was dilly-dallying and my Mom wanted to go home.

3. The Osco Drug Pharmacy.

My grandmother used to take us there to pick up stuff all the time. It was called a few different things over the years, I think it was a Scaggs at some point? Somebody else said Katz was another name of it. Anyway, it was where Big Lots is now, if memory serves.

4.  Black Bear Coffee.

Before Starbucks and before McDonalds had seventeen thousand coffees, there was Black Bear. It was just a tiny little kiosk in the parking lot, but it was great. I drive down Industrial sometimes and still see the little kiosk remnant in someone's parking lot.

5.  Rudisill's Fabrics.

I never went there myself, but my Mom and Grandmother used to talk about it often. Mom loved to go in there and browse, and Grandma thought she spent too much money in there!

What are some of the places you remember from back in the day?

Foggily yours,


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