Hello again everyone!  It's been an interesting first week back - and now I need your help. 

You may or may not know this, but Boyfriendo proposed last year. Last June, actually.  He did it in typical nerd fashion and didn't ask me to marry him, but instead asked me to be his "Player One".  It's a Super Mario thing.  We're nerds.

Yes, that is a Nintendo themed engagement ring.
Yes, that is a Nintendo themed engagement ring.

And while that was sweet and exciting and all that good stuff, I promptly did nothing about it for about a year.  People would comment on it, and congratulate me, and ask me when I was getting married.  I would give them a little bit of an evasive answer, because I had no idea.  I put it off like the excellent procrastinator I am.  I procrastinated for a YEAR,  you guys.  That's how lazy I am.  I finally got a little motivation to get some planning done when some friends of mine gave me a little razzing about it.

It's coming up quick in October. So here's what I've got so far:  I've got a venue, the catering, the DJ, flowers, videographer,  photographer, my dress, rings, the groom/groomsmen clothing, the cake, invitations sent out, registry done.   I still have to take the girls to get their dresses, get my dress altered, get gifts for the groomspeople, find an officiant, figure out hair/makeup, figure out transportation from the wedding to the reception, get a license, name change  paperwork, and probably another seven thousand things I'm forgetting.

It's very stressful to plan these things!  This is why I was putting it off.  Anyway, I thought I'd reach out to you guys and ask for some advice.  What's something you wish you'd done for your wedding?  What should and shouldn't I do?  What's the best piece of advice you got before your wedding? Any recommendations for what I haven't got organized so far?

I'm looking forward to hearing the words of wisdom you guys have.

Planningly yours,


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