The Clinton Police Department has had several complaints about fliers that are being distributed by unknown suspects in the Clinton area.  The fliers appear to have been printed from a website of a known hate group.

According to Clinton Police Chief Kevin Miller, the fliers are typically placed in a plastic, newspaper type bag with a small stone and thrown into yards and driveways.  Miller stated that the fliers are not necessarily evidence that there is a concerted effort by an organized hate group in Clinton.  He believes it to be a grassroots effort by one or two individuals.

An investigation by the Clinton Police Department revealed that these flyers are randomly distributed and not targeting people based on their race or religion.  Chief Miller said that although the individuals are free to distribute information, the manner in which they are doing it could be considered littering.

The authorities have asked that anyone with information about who may be distributing the fliers to The Clinton Police Department at 660-885-2679.